Friday, March 11, 2005

Word of the day: LUCKI just need enough to tide me over until I need more. -- Bill Hoest (A cartoon, The Lockhorns of Levittown" -- later simply "The Lockhorns" -- sprang from the pen of cartoonist Bill Hoest on newspaper funny pages in 1968. A graduate of Cooper Union in Manhattan, Hoest moved to Long Island, where he created the suburban couple Leroy, tippling girl watcher, and Lorretta, wisecracking roast burner. The strip lived on when John Reiner and Hoest's widow, Bunny, took over after Hoest's death in 1988.)

Bad luck: Getting my email at work and having 5 emails from the consultant to drive me crazy.
Good luck: Taking to our marketing manager and being reassured this too shall pass.
Bad luck: Water main break in Huntington and there being no water, restrooms, or fire alarm system at work, and not being sent home.
Good luck: The gas station across the street had water for some reason so I could go there.
Good luck: Got to go to lunch with Beth!
More good luck: An older lady at the restaurant looked me up and down and said, "You're really attractive!"
Bad luck: She wasn't Brad Pitt.
Best luck: My fortune cookie said, I will receive a large inheritance!
Bad luck: I don't have any rich relatives! And don't want any to die, rich or poor!
Potential good luck: I have a long-long relative who remembers me!
Good luck: It's Friday!
Good luck: Got to chat with Reeny online this morning!
Bad luck: Forgot my cell phone.
Good luck: Forgot my cell phone.
Bad luck: Despite excerise and smart eating, the scale is not budging.
Good luck: My pants are so loose they are about to fall off today, and I gave all my belts to Goodwill last fall.
Good luck: Julian comes home today for the week!
Good luck: I can skip the Y and work out on the treadmill at home!
Good luck: The sun was out for awhile and it was up to 31°.
Bad luck: But now it's snowing and cold again!
Good luck: But I go to Florida in 21 days!
Good luck: Enough water pressure came back that we can no go to the restroom!

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