Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Uncold
Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the thought is staggering.-- R. Buckminster Fuller

The highest result of education is tolerance. -- Helen Keller, 'Optimism,' 1903

As rejected by USAToday

There's just one person
In any relationship
Who can wear the pants.


I'm behind the wheel
Window down, radio loud --
Too cool in my car.


Sometimes life just sucks,
Then you gather the lemons,
And make lemonade.

Teddy bear

Dependable friend,
The little girl doesn't move
Without her Teddy.

Culture panel
Did you read: "TiVo's ripple effect: Water-cooler chill"
By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY (March 23)?
The TiVo story ends with a quote from me!

I think I got asked to be on the "pop culture panel" because I enter
the haiku contest once in a while. One day, my sister and I both had
haiku selected at the same time!

The quote:
But Cathy Dee, 49, of Fort Wayne, Ind., stresses that the DVR technology is still an unknown futuristic acronym for many.

"Water-cooler TV is a long way from dying here in the hinterlands," says Dee, a Web site administrator. "Few people TiVo as yet, and folks videotape only if they are near death and in the hospital. So the day after a good Survivor or American Idol, it's 'Did you watch?' and 'Did you see?' and 'Who did you like?' and 'Could you believe?' "

Vindication on the Big Ten
Big Ten does not stink on Guess I have to say, Go Illini!

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