Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quotes and Books

Anyone who uses the phrase 'easy as taking candy from a baby' has never tried taking candy from a baby. -- Unknown [Boy that's right. I've tried it.]

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.-- John Kenneth Galbraith

Finished Pope Joan
by Donna Woolfolk Cross. She has a web site--click here to visit.
We have book club tonight and our hostess sent an email last week announcing the author (Cross) will be calling us during the meeting. That will be interesting--but I will have to keep my mouth shut. For one, according to the Catholic scholars I work with, the story is not true, as she seems to firmly believe. But it would still be an okay book if she didn't insist on these 9th century people spouting 21st century feminist and modernist dialog and beliefs--Gerold about the emptiness of his marriage, and Joan on the place of women, particularly, among many other things.
Here's a little synopsis of the book from a New York Times article:
"The historical novel is about Joan, a controversial — some say mythic — ninth-century Englishwoman who posed as a man to become a monk and rose to the papacy for two years. The story, packed with period detail, follows Joan's gender-bending ascent against the background of the sacking of Rome and the Battle of Fontenoy-en-Puisaye, perhaps the bloodiest medieval conflict."
Next month we're reading Four Spirits by Sena Jeter Naslund. Reading about it here. Should be good--it's about Birmingham, AL, in the '60s.
In April it's my turn--I'll be presenting Loving Che. I've finished it--but have to do some background research.

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