Tuesday, February 1, 2005

On the bookshelf:
Pope Joan, by Emmanual Royidis; translated by Lawrence Durrell. I would not recommend this to everyone; Catholics will be outraged and non-lovers of 19th-century literature bored silly. (It was written in 1886.) But it is a hoot. Read about it here.

More frost
And fog this morning, although it seemed to me not as heavy. I don't think it was QUITE as cold this morning.

About cats
Tippy is outraged. Because of a poor cat-litter purchase on my part (okay, so I was trying to save a buck), we had a type that stuck to her feet. So she trails litter all over the house. Her paws are gummy. This must be stopped! The answer: a cat foot-bath. The problem: She hates it. Since I am the superior human and she is, after all, just a cat, I won--she got her feet bathed in the sink. And they are much cleaner than they started out. But, in a sense, I lost: she was furious, made horrific cat-cussing sounds, I got her too wet by accident and she took hours to dry out and looked pitiful in the rear-end regions, and she got everything damp she layed on.
Update: This morning she was dry and hitting the cat food hard.

Observed at the Y
During my myriad turns around the track. The two ladies (one of whom I know from Athletic Boosters but who never recognizes me) who walk and walk and walk and talk and talk and talk and NEVER smile or laugh. They are the two most serious women I can imagine. I wonder, what in the world can they be talking about so solemnly EVERY DAY? (I see them all the time.)

Almost every one passes me. It is the most depressing aspect of working out at the Y, even more depressing, I think, than all the thin women with cute butts. I don't have a natural quick gate, and if I do speed it up, shin splints kick in, so I am better off going a little slower and longer, than faster and in pain. As a consequence, I had to watch a 60-something couple pass me yesterday, HOLDING HANDS and HIM talking on a cell phone as they walked. IT WAS MORTIFYING.
And obviously, all the joggers and runners pass me SEVERAL times. So I get to watch all the thin rear ends fly by and contemplate what I look like from behind, NOT a pretty sight. My only hope is they are going by so fast I am just a blur to them.
The good thing, I do love to walk, and around the track is better than not at all. I can't wait til it warms out and I can walk outside. I have inherited the walking gene from Dad, and it is a good one to have! My fondest daydream is that I will morph into a person who likes to get up early (Hey! It could happen!) and get a walk in before work.
The other good thing, I remembered my mp3 player and had it cranked up quite loud. I suppose anyone would think I'd be listening to NPR or olders but NOOOooooo. Usher, Maroon5, Alicia Keyes, etc.

And to wrap up the day...
I downloaded about 25 songs from It is an exercise in frustration sometimes--the media connection is flaky at best. I've already had to totally reinstall both to get them to work; then last night, an update was needed, which refused to happen inside WinMedia; I ended up having to go to and do a total redownload, which worked.
Got everything from Lenny Kravitz to Willie Nelson to John Legend. My mp3 player is now about full; I had to delete a couple songs to fit the new stuff in.

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