Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Like watching a train wreck
Driving to work in the snow--my gosh what a mess!! NINE count 'em NINE wrecks or cars off the road, one of which was a co-worker! Not that much snow, really...and I didn't think it was that slippery but then I didn't go over 40 or 45. You know, just dropping 15 mph only adds 5 or 10 min. to my drive and I get there in one piece. Not by way the ditch either. But some people just can't stop driving like maniacs, no matter what.
Great news, Susy and Reeny may come visit next week! It would be so much fun. Ang has Wed. off and I think I can get Thurs., so between the two of us we can really have fun. I have discovered a cuople of antique stores in Huntington to check out. I have book club Tuesday night, and have already okayed it with our hostess to bring some guests!
Bad haiku for today
Long and lovely, or
Short and sassy; don't know what
We'd do without hair.

I can't stop watching
Even though I know it's bad
I'm just mesmerized.

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