Friday, January 28, 2005

Yesterday morning …
So cold. Furnace running nonstop inside. Yet at 7 I look out an east window, and the sun begins to rise.
Leaving a little later, stopping for gas, chilled to the bone, yet the sky: Lightening still, pink ringing the horizon east and west, north and south. The stars gone now in the navy-blue above me, and the air so clear there is nothing between me and infinity.
If I suddenly stopped believing in gravity, I would float to the invisible stars.

Today's Installment of You, Too, Can Write a Bad Haiku!

No time is better
In a calendar's long week
Than five on Friday!

Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman. -- Margaret Fuller, Woman in the Nineteenth Century, 1845

Incompetents invariably make trouble for people other than themselves. -- Larry McMurtry, 'Lonesome Dove'
Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by. -- Maria Schell

And on the calendar …Tonight, undecided, although I will bet that dinner someplace can be depended on, since I do not cook on Friday nights!
Tomorrow, basketball at 11:15, then brunch at IHOP! I love IHOP (for some reason!). Jayme and Tony will be coming also.
So far, that's all!
Last night, Jayme, Tony & Lexy came over, much to the resentment of resident felines Tippy and Sammy, who are banished to the basement when Lexy comes, because Lexy wants to eat them. Lexy is looking wonderful--she is filling out, and the hair on her rear end is finally filling in. She is also totally a normal dog now, with a lively personality, and no longer the robo-dog she was when she first came. She did gift us with her usual spot on the rug, dispite Tony's best efforts to take her out regularly. We think it's because she's marking the area.
Jayme and I went down to Big Lots, then on to Meijer. The guys had called and wanted milk shakes from Steak and Shake, which we picked up, although we both thought it was more Starbucks weather!

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