Friday, January 21, 2005

Bad Haiku for Today (none has won on

Sing softly to me,
Suddenly I'm young again;
Notes from yesterday.


Fragrant, brown and warm,
These rolls spice up the morning,
White icing like snow.


Held high, series sweep;
Nothing for baseball fans like
That last homestand win.

Wonderful news on the day of a winter storm warning

MSNBC - Monday, Jan. 24, called worst day of the year

Fort Wayne is NOT so dumb!
Here's an article that appeared in USAToday today, rebutting the Men's Health article that Ft. Wayne is the dumbest city in the US: - Looking for signs of intelligent life in Fort Wayne

Library notes
Finally finished A Fine Balance and had our book club discussion Tuesday evening. By the time I finished trying the Indian snacks our hostess provided and heard our presenter's lively remarks about Indian culture, politics, and history, I liked it much better than when the meeting began. Still, the ending was way too sad.

The good part: I have our next book, Pope Joan, on order from Alibris. Should arrive any moment. Although I'll probalby be banned from work if I tell anyone I'm reading it! I've also started on the book I'll be presenting in a couple months, Loving Che. Read a review here. I'll research a little history, have some further recommendations, hopefully the see movie "The Motorcycle Diaries," and I hope to EVEN find a T-shirt.

Storm warning
Again, after snow all day yesterday, more than expected. Winter storm warning for tonight and Saturday--could we REALLY get up to 10 inches?! I don't think so. I do believe we will get the "extreme cold temperatures" and the "blowing and drifting." And just what is a "ground-level blizzard," a term I heard bandied about this morning?
But the sunrise, I could see it this morning, and blue sky, even it was only 8 degrees.

He's back
Inauguration over...speech done ...parade has passed by...dancing died. Four more years


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