Thursday, December 30, 2004

Not working is wonderful
Not working is so awesome that I can hardly think of next week and going BACK to work, not that what I do is so onerous, but not being a morning person, I just love not getting up at 6:30 a.m. so much.
Walked outside this morning to mail some "happy new year" cards, and thought I had walked into spring. Sun: shining. Birds: singing. Air: If not warm, MUCH warmer than last week's single digits. Snow: melting.
What a great Christmas we had, if very busy. (and some of it, very cold) From our family Christmas on Wed. night, when we convinced Julian Santa would not come until we left the house, to Christmas day with the fried turkey at Ang's, then more good food at Knafel's, it was great.
And early Sunday off to Ohio! First a stop in NL for presents and a meal with all the D's. The boys are teenagers and they have girlfriends so it was a youthful lively bunch. I got a nice rug and gift card from Bed Bath and Beyond from Mitchell. We had a good visit.
Then on to Norwalk for a visit with the new big-screen TV, oh, I mean, with more family! Got to see Jon and Chris a sec, then Reeny came over and we opened presents. She is very bad and buys too many presents, she is related to our MOM. But I loved everything and it was fun to bring it home and start using it.
We watched Harry Potter #3, it was awesome on the big screen.
Monday it was off to Mexican for lunch with Dad, Susy and Reeny, what a blast! Nothing like a margarita for lunch, but hey, it's Christmas!
Then shopping at Best Buy, mall and Staples, all I bought was pjs at TJ Maxx.
Pizza and more movies at home in the evening with M&D, very fun.
Tuesday it was back on the road after an errand with Dad to Kmart and Aldi's, he bought a DVD-recordable which I think will be very neat to have.
WE had a smooth trip home and got here just about as everyone converged, as all the guys were going to Indy to the IU-Ball St. game at Conseco field house. But we had a second Christmas as everyone opened their gifts from Ohio and it was crazy. They loved all their stuff, Julian loved his Hovercraft and train, and Caroline was mesmerized by her glow worm.
Ang, Caroline and I took off after they left to meet Jayme and her friend Jennifer at the mall. First we went through the car wash because my poor car was dying with salt and road dirt.
Met the girls and shopped around the mall, including Gap and Bed Bath and Beyond, where I got a couple things with my gift certificate, including a decorative tile rack for the kitchen and some turby twists!
Ang had a call from her friend Wynn, in town for a visit, and we met at Biaggi's and had a great dinner with her and Justin.
Then I took Ang home and got home myself about 9 or so. Whew!
Today Greg had to go in to work for a bit, then we went up to lunch at Angela's then shopping at Meijer so Julian could spend his Christmas money. He had a blast, he mostly wanted YiGiO cards.
We brought Caroline home with us, Ang and Matt have a dinner with a practice that is interested in Matt working for them.
Tomorrow I hope to get working on my project, getting the office straightened up. I hope!

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