Thursday, December 2, 2004

From cold and sunny California
People are freaking out here because they are setting record lows. Actual frost. On their windshields. They are so excited it's on the news every morning, plus advice on how to keep warm. It's cracking us northern states people up.

An extremely good conference here at Stanford University --- Web site development. Has covered all the aspects of running a site, from the back end management to blogs to advertising and lots more. Plus small group critique of your site, which I worried would be brutal but was actually fun and insightful. I have a super couple of guys in my group, one from the U.K. ( and one from Alabama (

Being on the Stanford campus is amazing, it's as big as Huntington. A strange mix of palm trees and deciduous trees. It's still green here. We are in the Alumni building; we ate one evening in the Faculty Club. They served wines there that had been created by Stanford alumni.

California--as I observed in June, when I was in the San Diego area--is on a different planet than Indiana. From the geography to the climate to the state of mind (haha), it's as different as red from blue (oh I am so funny). I can't keep from wondering how my boss, GE, ever moved from here (he's from LA) to the Hoosier state. What an adjustment.

Tonight, sightseeing is on the agenda. I hope! We are supposed to meet a friend of GE's for dinner--see the bridge, hopefully the street cars, the Wharf, Chinatown. We have been too busy for any so far. We ate last night in downtown Palo Alto, which is a very scenic little downtown full of shops and restaurants.

I've had some great wine and champagne while here. I will be spoiled when I get home and have to go shopping at Scott's wine department!

Christmas is not as in-your-face here as at home. Not that it's not decorated all--just more muted, I guess. I have not been in residential areas much, perhaps they are as over the top as our Ft. Wayne neighbors (and even family members)! I find myself wanting to write it's more "diverse" here--and it may be--but then, even Allen County is pretty diverse--I think perhaps CA is more aware of it, whereas in Ft. Wayne we are in denial. "You're different, and that's okay, but here's how we do it here" vs. "We're all different, and let's not offend anyone by foisting beliefs on them"? Idont' know.

I do dread getting up at 4 or whatever tomorrow to make that 6:15 flight!

It has been awesome to have the laptop here--free broadband in the room. I've been able to email and im, and also do some updates on the website, from the comfort of my room.

Gotta run! See ya in the Hoosier state.

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