Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bad haiku of the day
Just when it was safe....
Will it ever come?
Who knows what the mailman brings;
Love letters from you.

Disaster relief
I'd go to and give immediately. I have.

Feeling guilty
Since I am working, sitting in a recliner, safe and dry in my living room, watching disaster on TV. The good thing, many, many reports of corporate donations pouring to the disaster, millions of dollars.

Various observations
Dense fog advisory: our frigid temps are long gone and now everything is melting.
The comfort of tea: Tazo smooth and warm this morning.
The joy of new stuff: P.Js...teapot...perfume...turbie twist...GWTW box gracing a bookshelf...the promise of margaritas from a smoothie maker...checking blood pressure (oh we have strange habits here!)...scented candles warming...
The call of work: come, get me done! Get off that stupid computer!

Oh, okay!

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