Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday lingers
Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. -- Gertrude Stein [And the world seems to be suffering from a dearth a common sense.]

Bad haikus of the day, as sent to USAToday:
Come, give me your hand;
Let's walk together, slowly;
Even now alone.
Balance is zero,
Figures in red, no cash flow;
Take it to the bank.
The housecat leaps from
The window sill; it's no use,
The sparrow flies on.

[S. won again!:
Nov. 5: Wings
While I'm fast asleep
I spread my wings with no fear.
I dream I can fly.

Hop on board
Many commercials for The Polar Express movie. I bought the book in 1988, I think, and have loved it since. Quizzed the kids about it and they don't seem to remember it! Perhaps they will when I haul it out tomorrow. Read a review on that was rather lukewarm. Of course they had to flesh the story out a lot, it's a short book! Read about the author, Chris Van Allsberg, here.

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