Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fall begins
The long slow slide into winter. Trying to keep my spirits up about it. Helps that the weather is more summer-like than ever--it's been just beautiful. Read about the Fall Equinox here.
Stop the weekend, I want to get off
What a full couple of days--from dinner out Friday night, then setting up the wireless network (thank you Linksys), then getting up Saturday for a trip to Target--bought some sundries and donated some water to an effort to help hurricane victims. Then to the Johnny Appleseed festival to visit A. and J.J., who were working. On to J.'s flag football game, he deflected a pass to a teammate, who scored a touchdown.
One o'clock found us at a one-year-old's birthday party, which was full of babies, kids, presents and cake. Skipped out of there about 3, to go home to crash before the evening wedding.
Which seemed to go okay--found out later of some small dramas--but the marriage itself was completed and the bride and groom very, very happy.
Sunday up at 5 a.m. to get ready for a 7 a.m. departure on the bus for Cincinnati, to The Great American Ballpark for the Cubs-Reds game. If you're going to take a one-day jaunt to a ballgame this is the way to do it! The ballpark is beautiful, although the view of the river obscured by stuff in right field. There's a nice walkway around the stadium that lets one enjoy it, though. And the Cubs won! Although they are still a half-game in back of the Giants.
Haiku of the day: Medicine
Open your mouth and
Plug your nose; it's good for you!
Take your medicine!
Book Club Begins
Where does the summer go! When you're reading Anna Karenina, it's into an abyss of Russian literture. What a monster of a book--I can't believe Oprah picked it. I downloaded a very nicely done 92-page guide from Sparknotes that helped me very much. MB is in town for editorial meetings; I dragged him along to meet with the ladies and I think they and he enjoyed it very much. Brought some interesting background in Russian history with him. I liked it because it was a very English-major kind of discussion. Next month we are doing Cokie Roberts''s Founding Mothers, which I suggested, and am looking very much forward to discussing.

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