Tuesday, August 3, 2004

What summer should be
On a day like today when I was a teenager, I'd spend all afternoon in the sideyard, sunning. And sweating, because it's 90 and humid, with no breeze. I sure didn't care then--nor do I now. No clouds, either--perfect tanning weather.
I'd have Johnson's baby oil on and a Harlequin romance in my hands. Maybe a drink of water nearby--I don't remember that clearly. I'd go out about noon or one, and spend the whole afternoon, til about 4, or maybe 5. On the radio, I'd listen to rock and Motown, a mix that seems very strange now, on CKLW out of Detroit and Ontario. All the kids listened to it.
I'd go inside every once in a while, for a drink or a snack or to use the restroom.Talk to my mom. Had to be careful not to get baby oil on everything.
I'd be wearing my aqua-flowered bathing suit, a modest bikini, my only suit, and I'd feel fat, although I was almost 5'9" and only 120 pounds wringing wet. I never felt like I got very tan, either, although my younger sister remembers me as being very dark.
When the afternoon was over, I'd go in, shower, put some shorts and a t-shirt on, and be ready for anything, that way only teenagers can feel, that anything good and exciting might happen, at any minute.
Man I wish I could feel like that again, just for a minute--freshly tanned, newly washed, and ready for anything.

Anyone else remember those Johnson's baby oil guys? Big pictures in all the girls' magazines--Teen and Seventeen. Cute, cute guys, dark tans, all thanks to baby oil, I guess. I had a bunch as posters in my room. I think you could send away for real posters, not just cut the pictures out of the magazines.

The favorite tanning concoction -- Johnson's baby oil and iodine. I usually used the baby oil straight, though. Can you imagine how we were frying our bodies? Enough to make a dermatolist cringe.

This week's bad haiku

Lead me to somewhere,
Anywhere, the world revolves
Around this sidewalk.

Huge, crimson, steaming,
The Rock Reds fill my plate with
Buttery heaven.

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