Thursday, June 3, 2004

June Reading
Forgot to mention on the night-stand reading: The Last Juror by John Grisham. Good summer reading; I know I read too much, and are sometimes too critical, but it seems that so often when a writer reaches a certain stature, his/her editors cease to edit him/her. Just little things--often conversation, that leaves me thinking, "would this really come out of this person's mouth?" Still, I'm enjoying it...looking forward to the new Stephanie Plum book more...will take it to San Diego when I go. I think it comes out just before I leave and Kroger, of all places, has had really cheap prices on new hardbacks like this...Wal-mart also does too. Read recently that Grisham wants to write a baseball novel, but is having trouble coming up with an idea, and that is not surprising. Hard thing to do. But if you could pull it off, might be a candidate for A great American novel.

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