Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hey, haiku (as sent to USAToday)
Now here's a stumper;
How in the world does one write
Haiku about cheese? 6/7/04

Ignore gravity,
Leave the concrete behind and
Soar, magic carpet. 6/10/04

Flaming, fiery,
Attention-grabbing color;
Great with blue and white. 6/8/04

Ronald still dead
As I mentioned, I was never a fan, but the images from the state funeral are riveting. Although I find myself having flashbacks to the only other one I (vaguely) remember. That rider-less horse, the drums, the carriage. I was never a Nancy person either, but she surely loved him, and it's poignant to see her now.

Next week from San Diego
I'm off for the Sunshine State and after checking the weather I can see why that's the nickname. Partly sunny and 70 EVERY DAY I'm to be there. Contrast that to our Hoosier mix of rain, sun, humidity, tornadoes, lightning, locusts and plague. I am very hopeful I'll get to the zoo on Monday and tell the pandas "hi." Will be pretty busy the rest of the days.

Garage sale
Tomorrow and Saturday--what a pain to get ready--but how fun to get rid of STUFF--the weather looks iffy--and it's going to Goodwill if I don't sell it!

Book Club>
Our last meeting of the season--we set our schedule for next year and it's a good one. Two of my suggestions picked--Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts and Loving Che by Ana Menendez. I get to lead for Che. Visit our web site and check out the suggestions page for good summer reading!

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