Thursday, February 26, 2004

Too busy for words
Blogging words, anyway--lots of words coming into my ears and out of my mouth, for sure.
Thinking of Florida, where we'll be soon, for a week. After such a hard winter, the thought of warm air and blue sky and green grass and FLOWERS makes my heart soar. And, hopefully, soon after we get home, those things will be happening, even in Indiana.
Looking at a picture of a beach on Sanibel ...the way the sand fades into the ocean and the ocean into the sky, especially at dusk (it may, indeed, do this also at dawn, but this is not a time of day which which I am overly familiar). Remembering how the hot sand feels on my feet, the way it works into one's bathing-suit-places and even hair and ears, hot sun on one's nose, the coconutty smell of suntan lotion, how good a cold pop tastes when consumed on the beach. (Some would say cold beer, but again, not my experience.) How sleepy you can get on a beach towel. How sharp the shells are beneath your feet, and how many many shells there are. All the interesting dead things along the shore--fish of various ilk; mantas, turtles, jellyfish. Not that all are dead, mind you--if you're lucky, you'll see live fish, live mantas, avoid the live jellyfish, see a turtle swim by, and perhaps a dolphin or two, in the distance. The fishing boats, with their myriad nets and masts and poles, coming back into the inner harbor areas, at dusk; again, I'm sure they must have left at dawn, but this is not a part of their day it's likely I'll witness.
In the news
Can't help but notice all the hoo-rah about The Passion; I've had to put together a little web site for work about it, gathering our material and other resources, and I've done quite a bit of review-reading and such. I'm not sure what to think; but one thing I know, it's a movie, and it's Mel Gibson's movie, and as such, we are seeing the Passion through Mel Gibson's eyes. It does rather sounds as if the violence goes over the top, but then, some people need "beat over the head" for something to truly make an impression. And it bothers me -- and maybe this is my foundation in Methodism --- that the horrific crucifixion is not balanced by the truly miraculous resurrection. Because it has always seemed to me that Jesus' death was not the point of that day, as blasphemous as that sounds. Others died that day, with him, and in other, ordinary ways. But not one of them, not one, before or since, did what he did on Easter. Live again. If we are going to have an "infinite sacrifice," why not the "infinite miracle"?
Hoosier politics
About this time every year, I am more than ready to move out of Indiana. Our state legislature drives me to distraction. For one, the daylight savings time fiasco. I'm not sure what aspect of Hoosier "pride," obstinacy, or stupidity keeps us from joining the vast majority of the USA from observing it, but I truly hate the way the subject comes up every year, gets discussed in some sub-committee or other, than is soundly bottled by some pompous, self-inflated, backwater committee chairman. Every. Year. Now, this year, we have been titillated with another possibility--that we ask to be put in the Central Time Zone, and then proceed to observe DST with them, which to my mind is an absolute hoot, because by joining the CT zone we would be putting ourselves on DST all year round by default!! Go figure!
And if this fiasco isn't enough, our valiant legislators have either voted down or drowned in committee bills about all-day kindergarten (you really must read about the web-cam voting debacle); open containers (we'd receive millions of dollars in federal transportation funds if we'd just pass a bill to forbid people from drinking in cars or truck...duh! what is so hard about this one!!); wearing seat belts in trucks as well as cars (whoever passed the seat-belt law that excepts folks in trucks from legally not wearing seat belts is, to me, the epitome of Hoosier rural arrogance); bullying (how does one argue against a bill that would help schools STOP bullying!); and child obesity (Indiana, one of the most out-of-shape states in the country, should surely take a lead in helping our kids stay healthy! How does one vote against THIS?). And NOW, get THIS, our fine legislators are STALLED because they are busy arguing about a possible BLAST VOTE on an anti-gay marriage bill! As if our state budget problems aren't enough already, my tax dollars are not paying legislators not to do anything, even BAD things! And like this is such a HUGE problem in Indiana--San Francisco, we're not.

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