Monday, February 9, 2004

On various topics
Since we've upgraded the mail server at work, my quotations emails have given up the ghost. I think the spam filter is sucking them into its yawing maw. I should sign up with my personal email, I suppose...but perhaps I would be more original if I didn't lean on the quotes of others so much!
Finished Sophie and the Rising Sun yesterday. Beautifully written and ends in rather a mystery; I liked it very much. I think the discussion next week at book club will be lively; I can see the subjects of the war, racism, and class structure as good starting points. Oh, and romance!
I also find myself picking up one or the other of the LOTRs volumes...comparing movies to books and vice versa. I can't wait until ROTK comes out on DVD. The extended versions of the movies have been particularly compelling.
Oh, also made it to see Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World yesterday. (that a link to book one of the series) A nearly sold-out theater! That was a surprise. So we had to sit in the first row...and it made me quite sick. Like at an IMAX movie. But the movie was stunning--the special effects, of which there had to be many, were just seemless, perhaps even more so than in LOTRs, believe it or not! Russell Crowe SHOULD have been nominated!
To Chicago tomorrow for a seminar. Back Thursday!

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