Thursday, January 15, 2004

There's a first for everything, and folks aren't all bad, but it was with surprise I read and heard of Pres. Bush's new initiative on space. I certainly wasn't a big supporter of our unilateral ambush on Iraq, and found myself rather agreeing with Sen. Kennedy on that subject the other day, but finally an American president is taking an initiative on the space program. The Mars Rover project is just fascinating, and I find myself daydreaming about what it would be like to work on such a project. Years of work, with little publicity, for sure, but what a great moment this morning when the little rover rolled off the platform.
[Ed. note: Nothing like a little Santana on the radio to make the morning seem brighter.]
The enormity of space travel got you down? The threat of terrorism making you nervous? Do you have dandruff/hemorroids/ezema/constipation? What you need is a SIMPLE LIFE and Paris Hilton, the worst-dressed girl in the world, can tell you all about it. I feel satisfied to know I was part of the lucky millions who watch THE STUPIDEST SHOW EVER.
How about those Colts! I have announced to the fam that only IF and WHEN the Colts make the Super Bowl will I purchase any Colts apparel for any of us. (Of course, J. already got a Colts jacket for Christmas.) So I will be watching with bated breath...if they win, I'm out some bucks.

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