Thursday, December 4, 2003

Winter Storm Watch
A storm could come, but it might not. We must be warned, so we must watch. Looked and felt like snow yesterday, but nothing but grayness and cold happened; this morning, the same. I hate winter.
C.N. now with us. Six pounds, 10 ounces, abundant brown hair, alert dark-blue eyes. She likes to be held, to eat, to sleep. Hates to be bathed, to be changed. She already smiles a little when contented. She is fun to hold, and certainly there is nothing like the preciousness of a newborn, but I will like her even better when she can communicate.
Isn't it funny how, even though the stores are filled with holiday stuff in October, and we may all say to one another, "just [fill in the blank] days [or weeks] until Christmas," it doesnt' really FEEL like it until Thanksgiving week...some sea change happens then that suddenly makes it okay to hear "Winter Wonderland," even if it's 48 degrees and sunny, and the decorations no longer seem out of place, and shopping sounds like more fun, and you want to get the decorations out yourself and start the season. What happens that week?

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