Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Tuesday, 16 days til Christmas
Five inches of snow Friday, but today it's warm and foggy and misty. From a holiday scene to just another depressing winter day.
Reading some Carver last night--intros and essays about poems, then going to All of Us and reading the poem. Does knowing too much about how a poem came to be, and what's true and what's not in a poem, take away from it? Maybe sometimes. And sometimes it's enlightening. Was kind of surprised how much he made up! I guess I rather thinking of my poems as news stories, as I thought about it--not only did they need verisimilitude in their art (! oh yea as if they have any art!), they need to be literally true. Now where did I get THAT idea? Rather freeing, to think of poems as fiction, or even as that genre I dislike, historical fiction. Have been talking about The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown with some folks recently--of course it's been trashed here at work. And I just mentioned to someone yesterday that I often have a problem with historical fiction, mainly because most people don't know history enough to know what's true in a book and what's not, and that authors don't often make a point to tell readers so, say in an intro or in an afterward. So all the masses reading the Code are scared of Opus Dei, doubting the divinity of Christ, and wondering what kind of bad press Mary Magdalene has gotten. Huh.

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