Tuesday, December 9, 2003

On the bookshelf
Forgot to mention, in my previous daily post, what's been on the bookshelf. First, in anticipation of finally getting to go see the movie, Master and Commander by [I forget his first name] O'Brien. I've learned more about sailing and daily life on a sailing ship than I ever imagined. But it's rather like reading a foreign language--so many nautical terms. And O'Brien has managed to write in rather the lexicon of the era, and that can be rather a slog, too. But yet I've enjoyed it very much; however, in a reading disaster, my three weeks from the library are up, and I can't renew due to other holds, so I had to take it back with about 50 pages to go! I'll scoot to Walmart and pick it up to finish it, then gift my brother with it for Christmas! Now there's multi-tasking!
Also, it was finally my turn for Living History by Hilary Clinton from the library. Just have begun it, and it's pretty good--not Pulizer-good, mind you, but some kind of good. I certainly don't agree with all the Clinton politics--I'm not sure how folks can be both heartily pro-child and so enthusiastically pro-abortion--but I don't think she's the embodiment of Satan a lot of Midwesterners view the woman as.
"Finished" Loose Change by Sara Davidson for book club--both fascinating and repelling. Hard to comprehend so much drugs, such loud rock and roll, such casual sex, and such conviction that any generation could change the world that way. It changed, all right--

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