Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Tuesday, Already
Love's the only house big enough
For all the pain in the world
Love's the only house big enough
For all the pain
--Martina McBride

Six, Already
JR starts kindergarten today. Nothing but cliches to say about this event. Thinking this morning about how fast time goes now, and why? The familiarity of it, surely. The repetition of one's daily routine. I sometimes wonder, would the week go by so quickly if I didn't have such a regular work schedule? The relentlessness of it. If I did something different every day, if I felt more free, I wonder, would time seem different? Like on vacation--of course that always goes too fast, but there is an "out of time" feeling about it that I just never get any other way. I suppose that's the way it should be, it's what vacation is all about!

Out of Africa
Watched most of it, again, on TV last night. What a beautiful movie. I had listened to the book on tape a couple years ago...didn't want the book to be over. Here's more about Karen Blixen. At one point early in the movie, Karen asks Denys, who had been away, how it was. He says, "Clear."

Isn't that just a beautiful answer? And describes, so succinctly, how Africa looks in the movie--clear. Wouldn't it be something if, just once day, you could feel like that? Feel "clear"? I think that's why sometimes I try to write poems, even bad ones--looking for that sense of "clearness." Don't know if a person awash in mundanity can ever, really, find it.

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