Friday, August 8, 2003

Somewhere Mars Shines

Read in that paper that
Mars -- the Red Planet --
Is moving closer than it will be/has been
For 60,000 years. Not sure if that's
Sixty-thousand years ago, in the future,
Or somewhere in between--that
We're in the middle of the 60,000 years.
No matter. Mars will be, so they say,
The third-brightest object in our
Night sky, save for the sun and the moon.

Pretty bright, and it's red for a reason,
Though I forget what that is.
Dust storms, maybe, with some high
Red mineral content.

Mercury, Venus, Mars,
We have these three neighbors,
But we're not close--we
Don't really know them very well.
We're a fairly lonely little planet,

Thinking about Mars, and its visit,
And our planets, made me think about
God, and where he might be out there.
Or not. Somewhere in the vast,
Busy reaches of space, somewhere
Between the gamma rays and the
Space dust and the quarks and
The x-rays--maybe sucked into the
The infinite weight of a black hole.

Someday in the Year of Our Lord 62003
Somebody will access their database
Or whatever and find out Earth is closer
Than it has been or will be in 60,000 years.
Somebody living on Mars. Hope they
Remember to wave.
Sit at their computer and

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