Monday, August 11, 2003

Monday, Monday
Just some old stuff to recycle this a.m. A couple of these may already be on here--sorry!
For Your Mother, Mourning

No words
Silence, all

From darkness
Yet light

Eternally safe
His sudden smile

So many stars
Infinite, all.

After Book Club

Stepping from the warm house,
Breathing in the cold night,
And the stars --
White, many, near, far.

In the yellow room we'd talked
Of books and dreams;
Honesty and other lives;
Characters -- and ourselves.

Touching the dark horizon
A spare crescent moon waxes,
Blood red, barely there, giving small hint
Of the fullness the future brings.

Similar Sun-like Systems

In my car I listen
To the radio show and learn
Of Similar Sun-like Systems
To our own.
Powerful Orbiting Telescopes
And various Learned Astronomers
Have discovered the Systems,
Always there, yet now new
Invisible, yet made light.

I drive along the curve of the earth
Above me a refracted sky, visible light
But beyond lie -- now I know --
Similar Sun-like Systems
To our own.
The blue is a veil between me
And a night full of Undiscovered Systems,
Similar, or not --
And there flies the Astronomer's eyes,
Quiet, gathering, shattering the blue.
So we know.

Copyright © 2003 Cathy A. Dee. All rights reserved.

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