Friday, August 22, 2003

Set up as an ideal the facing of reality as honestly and as cheerfully as possible. -- Dr. Karl Menninger

Yesterday the hottest day of the year. Muggy, heavy air. To me, beautiful. Had to wait until August to get one.
Thunderstorms and a cool front going through promised all day. Didn't happen...out yesterday evening and on our way home, about 8:30, we could see the lightning to the north. Still in Michigan when we went home and checked the radar. But once in a while, as we watched the Cubs lose and fall a game and a half behind the Astros, thunder undercut the TV and air-conditioner noises.

About 10:30 stepped out to the front porch and the show had begun to the north and west. Fireworks gone mad, flash-photography on steroids. Blue-white snakes of electricity, horizonal across the sky. The air still heavy-humid and 82, but the beginnings of a breeze stirred the flag before we took it in and there was just a hint of coolness in it. I sat and watched the sky awhile and thought, how seldom we take a moment to watch such a show, feel such air, hear the thunder in the distance. And how few do--our street seemed tucked in for the night.

Went in before it got dangerous, but it was 11 or after before the rain started. After the drenchings of July and early August we have dried out some and I was glad to hear it. The electricity flickered once but stayed on and that was good. I fell asleep before the storm fully broke.

This morning when I woke up the sun was out, the sky blue. The streets and sidewalks had dried but puddles remained. The air seemed lighter. And it's Friday.

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