Friday, July 18, 2003

I suppose there's someone who wasn't a Katherine Hepburn fan somewhere; it certainly isn't me. Here's a rather exhaustive article about her from the New Yorker site: Click here.

Sometimes at work I just get so ... I feel so ... I want to .... Shoot I don't know. Just that I'd about rather be anywhere than here (exceptions: hospital (other than for the birth of a baby); morgue; funeral home; jail. Somedays, even jury duty sounds fun.). And my job is not even that bad! Or my office! I must be pathetic.

I have a whole favorites-folder of webcams I visit sometimes, just to look in on places that aren't here. There's one I like for the Great Smoky Mtn. Nat'l Park, which I may have elsewhere listed; I also sometimes use the day's picture as my desktop wallpaper. Click here. And for some reason, this morning I was just longing for Pensacola Beach--we enjoyed our vacation there in 2000 so much--it was hot and sunny and we were a five-minute walk across the street from just a magnificent stretch of beach. Click here. We saw so much sea life there! And with my editor friend Matt B. here this week, talking over my visit in Las Vegas a couple years ago, I longed to be back at the Paris at poolside, with the tower shading us (it was 108) and drinks delivered at will. Click here.

I really must ask that the Life Suck 2000 device above my cubicle be turned up. When the life is just sucked right out of you, and you become assimilated to the collective, life is really much easier! I certainly don't resemble 7-of-9 in any way, but some days, I can see the advantages of becoming a gray person. (A gray person being, in C.A.D. parliance, someone who over years has lost their personality and spark.) I must not be losing mine fast enough! You'd think someone on the long sad slippery slope to 50 would be fading out fast--literally and figuratively! Guess not, on some days anyway!

Is it nice to have a blog where I can vent a minute then get back to the things I need to do today? Or is it just an excuse to wallow in self-pity? Maybe a little of both, huh? This Friday will eventually be done, and I will feel better when I am driving home along highway 24 (affectionately known by me as "Road-Kill Road"), my window down, air conditioner off, and the whole weekend stretching before me, two days of freedom, of summer, and I will forgot that Mondays ever come.

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