Tuesday, July 8, 2003

After Vacation
...wondering if the reason some folks never go on vacation is it's so hard to go back. At least it is for me. What's the choice between sitting on the dock with a good book at 9 a.m. with a cup of tea, listening to the waves and the birds and the occasional fishing boat (and, too soon, seadoos) and this gray cubicle, flourescently lit, computer groaning, fan whirring, always too hot or too cold, I have to crane my neck to see the weather, with boredom always lurking around the next mundane task? Oh well, it's always an adjustment for me--as I told T.O. yesterday, by Wednesday I should be back among the Borg, part of the collective, the Life Suck 2000 device above my desk having worked once again. Until next day off.

If I didn't do so many fun things, perhaps it wouldn't be quite so wrenching. But going to Old Woman's Creek, getting to see the eagles and the lake, walk through the woods, see the butterflies, now that's the way to spend an afternoon. Shopping with my mom--a fun way to spend the morning. Drinks on the deck at TGIFriday's with Dad.... Or a day at Put-in-Bay: now there's a good day's work. Tooling around the island on a golf cart. Going up in the monument; talking to the rangers about the battle, about O.H. Perry and his life, and the view--all the way to Canada! Lunch on the Boardwalk, shrimp in the shell. Afternoon at the winery beergarten, a bottle of Sweet Catawba and some cheese and crackers. Shopping on main street. Dinner listening to Westside Steve at the bbq. Riding the ferry.

Getting to see the boys play softball on Wed. Lunch with D's, again at TGIFriday. Boats pulling up and docking. Reading in the afternoon.

Cleveland with my dad. Always fun. I drove and he navigated. Got to the zoo with no problems. Bought our tickets for the zoo and the dinosaur ride and exhibits--the lady asks us, are you sure? It's a bumpy ride. I told her, we've ridden the Magnum, we like bumpy. I guess not many 80-year-old men and middle-age women pony up for the dinosaur simulation. And dad did ride the Magnum at age 78. Loved it, too. He liked the dinosaur ride even better than me--those kind of rides make me dizzy! I have to shut my eyes, especially at the flying parts! The dinosaur display was fun, though--21 audioanimatronic dinosaurs. I heard a little girl ask her dad, "Daddy, they're just robots, right?" in a very frightened voice!

We liked the butterfly display in the greenhouse very much, and liked the Rainforest the best. Just excellently done.

To dinner at the Flats, to Shooter's. Dad likes it there. You can see the railroad bridge go up and down for the bigger boats. Lots of yachts tied up at the dock, huge things. Got a great table, inside but right next to the wide-open windows. The place was packed. Had a sangria, nicely presented.

Truly an American 4th of July. Parade at R's in the a.m. Although it might have been the most boring parade ever. Except for the bagpipes from the Cleveland Fire Dept. Norwalk relies too much on motorized parade entries! Two cookouts in the p.m.--at T. & L.'s, then at Mom's. Got rained on at T.'s. But good food at all. Fireworks in the evening, in R's front yard. Stormed again after. The storm in the aftenroon knocked down the huge flag at the VFW--laid it right on the ground.

Sat. time to leave--for Big Long Lake. Spent the weekend bouncing better H.'s, where M, A, & J were, and with JJ's. Very fun to float in the boat, go swimming, fireworks in the evening. Lots of good food. And no fun to come home.

At some point I may wax poetic about a parade or two, but right now I'm just trying to, once again, become assimilated.

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