Monday, July 21, 2003

After the rain
Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Just another deluge last night. Places in Ft. Wayne where they had just picked the sandbags up FROM are having to have them delivered again. Thank goodness the Three Rivers Festival is done, although I'm sure there are still vendors tearing down today. I have never heard such thunder nor seen such lightning. Awoke me at 1:30 a.m. and it just raged for a couple of hours and beyond, until about 6:30 a.m....I could NOT go back to sleep. It would abate a bit then hit us again. Have read rain totals of 3-4 inches and I believe it--listened to it hit the skylight all night. I am just exhausted--sleepy and beyond tired. So hard to drag myself up--had finally nodded off into uneasy slumber about 5 or so. And a bummer--then I had a bad dream I woke myself up from! Something about A&T being selected to be "terminated" in a Sophie's-choice-like dream. Except instead of a gas chamber they were drowned! It was terrible! I had to watch it and tried to save them! All that rain really got to me.

And it's so stupid to have a dream like that--we had had such a fun time Sunday evening. We all met downtown for the fireworks. G & I drove down about 6:30...A, M, & JD were already there. T & JK came a little later. They had spent the weekend in Ohio. I had a cooler of snacks and some magazines and crosswords and of course people watching is always the best activity! We about died laughing--the guy came down the street, across from us, with cotton candy and neon-glowing things, including necklaces. Well I wanted a necklace as did JD of course, and JK! And others wanted the cotton candy. We could NOT get his attention until M yelled, "Hey! Candyman!" and he looked out way. We about died and kept hollering for the "candyman" the entire night. M may have a new nickname. Then he told a funny story about a new intern at the hospital who announced he LIKED doing pelvic exams--M says HIS new nickname is "Pelvic-man"! Yuk!

As we waited for the fireworks lightning appeared to the west...seem to move south to north...we could hear no thunder. But about 9 or a little before we felt sprinkles and had to get the umbrellas out. A said, I can't believe I'm sitting here for the fireworks in July with a blanket and an umbrella! JD had his umbrella too but of course it was a great adventure to him! They started the show a little early and it was just excellent! The grand finale was the best ever and was prescient of the storm to come later that night--just BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I told M I thought i had a heart arrhythmia! Traffic was slow after--took us 35 minutes to get home and A&M about an hour.

Wish the sun would come out...I hate this cloudy stuff in July! Might make me feel more awake.

The farmers must just be sick. Their crops are going to drown. Last year they burned.

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