Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Last book club meeting of the year last night. At the country club--of all places! Sometimes I can't believe how many of the ladies belong. If not to that one, to one of the others. With reciprocal priviledges. When you pay, you have to pay pay of the ladies who belong--no money changes hands there, for sure! Had a small success--we will be reading Life of Pi, and I do get to present it. Others recommended it also. But no other of my suggestions made it, and I did not vote for many of the books we picked. Hit me that, as much as I like the ladies, and have enjoyed book club--maybe I am in the wrong club! And sometimes I can't believe the books we (they) pick--this book, Loose Change,, was recommended by ONE person who read it AS A TEENAGER and we all seemed to jump on the bandwagon--it's on the list! Had to muse a little about group dynamics--we always seem to pick books presented by certain people, and I wonder if it's the "popular crowd" syndrome? I was always out of step with that too. And every year we read at least one book with some kind of mid-East sensibilities, which I find stuptifyingly boring, but the ladies drool over. Go figure! And they love that Alias-Grace, Bel Canto type book, which I also didn't care for. Go figure some more! I really didn't like Alias Grace. And they balked at the Kennedy biography, which I thought would 1) make for a semi-juicy discussion and 2) be a glimpse into contemporary history, because "it won't be in paperback"! These people who all just spent over $20 on a meal at the club! Go figure again!

Summer more evident this last week, although we do seem to have a max of two sunny days before some clouds and/or rain visits. A couple counties next door in Ohio had, get this, TEN inches of rain yesterday. Reminded me of our Aboite Township episode last year with 8 inches in an evening. I really must become less obssessed by the weather, though. The weather and gas prices. Getting to me.

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