Monday, June 16, 2003


Not really doing much...a couple poems before bed...R. Carver of course. Rereading parts of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Locked Rooms and Open Doors. Read the intro, written by her for this later edition, then parts of the middle. Really, it's a portrait of a person who, we would say nowadays, is really messed up. So much grief--the kidnapping of Charles, Jr.; her father's, then her sister's, deaths; the looking-glass of fame; her own battered personality.

Read "Life of Pi," by Yann Martel. Just beautiful writing, full of pathos and humor, sadness and hope. Rather John Irving-esque, now that I think about it! I am going to recommend it to the book club ladies tomorrow for one of our books next season. Am also going to recommend "A Girled Named Zippy," by Haven Kimmel. A great Indiana book!

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