Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Cats in the Morning
Oversleeping and on the window rain rains.
The war rages, the economy falls,
We are on high alert.
Parents have bypass surgery and wrecks,
We spend the weekend in ICU,
We worry.
Work calls and this day must be begun.
I feel reluctant.
Beside me, the cat jumps up,
Kneads the covers,
And his purring--even scientists
Don't know how cats do it--
Calms him, and me.
I'd do worse than spend the day
In bed with this cat,

Spring in Indiana. Winter in Florida
The joy of the plane slipping under the clouds, looking down, and seeing the green of Florida. "No snow," I said. Landing, and taxiing to the gate--flowers blooming around a small pond, palm trees, a long-legged white bird fishing.
A surreal experience, flying from Indiana to Florida, from winter to summer, in two hours. Changing from jeans and fleece to shorts and a tank top. Sandals!!! Feeling naked. And free. I appreciated Florida!
And back in the Hoosier state--spring fighting with winter and sometimes winning. Over 70 and sunny yesterday. I appreciated that, too!

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