Tuesday, August 20, 2002

After a hectic weekend took the evening off last night and watched a movie: A Beautiful Mind. Had heard a lot about it of course, being the Oscar winner. Everyone who I'd talked to who had seen it loved it. I have the book at home; but have not got around to reading more than the intro. It's long, although to me that is a positive; but the intro told his whole life story and I couldn't help but wonder just how tedious that would make the rest of the book! The movie is more of an "impression" of his life; some parts fictionalized or compressed; I thought the depiction of mental illness particularly well done. Here's a couple links that were good reading: A autobiography on the Nobel Prize web site and Lots of information from PBS.

Tuesday Notes

Longing For
A room of my own.
A quiet space.
A stack of good books.
A moment of peace.
Summer forever.
A massage.
More quiet.

Waiting for the Clearing
We woke about three, whether from the
Lightning through the skylight, or the
Deep thunder in the far distance,
I don't know. Tried to go back to sleep
But the disturbance continued for an hour,
And it bothered me, for I waited for it to break, or pass.
Neither happened:
About five the rain began, and it never stormed.
That sound was comforting and when I awoke
Later, it was still raining. For the first
Time this summer, the room was dark at 6:30,
And I had a panic, as if winter had come early.
Thankfully not, but I missed the light, even
As I welcomed the rain, the first since June
Of any consequence. It's August now.
Rained all the way to work and beyond.
By afternoon the rain was finished, but the clouds lingered,
Though I was ready for them to be gone.
Seemed too much like January.
Finally, around seven, as sunset began,
A think crack appeared in the west, with white light shining through.
And to the north, some blue, and I knew
Tuesday would be better. Indeed,
Before bed, I opened the side door and looked out,
And the gibbeous moon shone, and the stars,
And the black, black sky.
Finally, the clearing.

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