Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Today, go visit

Just some great poems this week on The Writer's Almanac; you simply must visit. I like "Clam," by Mary Oliver; the idea of the clam's will to live being similar to we humans; especially since I have thought about just how different are we than other masses of animals? I watch the birds flock, the geese in their "V," and think about how instinctual it is for them; and wonder, do each of these birds have personality? Are each different? Or the ants that swarmed into the garage this summer; I don't like to kill them, but I really couldn't countenence them in the garage; I sprayed 'em. And wondered, what have I killed? Are the ants like the Borg, plugged into some collective consciousness, their actions ruled not by their own will but by the collective? And just how different are we? Are we so in love with the philosophy of the individual we don't see how collectively we think and act? Are we more clammish than we know?

Oh well pretty deep stuff for Tuesday! Too heavy maybe.

I also liked "Hale-Bopp Comes to Ohio," by David Citino -- first, because I remember Hale-Bopp so well, watching it fly across the sky above the ridge-pole of my house, feeling so connected to the universe as I looked from my backyard. And second, because the poet is watching from Ohio.

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