Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Work in Progress

Last Night and Last Night

I go asleep fast and then I sleep hard
until early morning.
Then I dream. Long dreams
of surreal situations and
familiar people. Places I have been
but I am a secret agent there, maybe.
Things I want to happen in my life
Happen in my dreams.
Then I wake up and am sad.
Sometimes things I don't want to, happen.
But I don't remember those as well.
Though I wake up happy, then.
Sometimes the dreams linger;
I might wake, then sink back into
Some dream. And I think about the dream,
Because it's more fun than
Thinking about my real life,
Which is just one blink away
From starting over again, today.
Sometimes I wonder, which IS
My real life? Which do I want
To be? Or, must I choose at all?
For sure: I seem to remember
My daytime life better then the night one--
All those dreams, they fade, even
The happy ones, the scary ones.
The funny and weird ones.
This must be real. All this, is real.
All too real. It's no dream.
Wake up. Wake up.

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