Friday, July 12, 2002

A busy time. Three weeks affected, really: a week getting ready to go on vacation, a week gone, a week catching up. No wonder I don't always look forward to it as much as I should!

And a natural disaster on June 26: a strange thunderstorm centered over Allen County that refused to move for four or five hours, dumping, and I am not making this up, eight inches of rain on us. The weirdest weather ever! We lost our cable, then our electricity, then our backup sump pumb couldn't keep up with the deluge, and water began coming up in the basement, and thank goodness! Our neighbor had a generator we plugged the main pump into, which saved us from three feet of water (as our neighbors had); instead we had an inch or less. Got the rugs wet, and they are a pain to dry--they ended up being tossed.We had some work cleaning up--mopping, sweeping, etc., but not HALF as bad as some others. A.G. had to spend the night at work, at the hospital--she couldn't get home because of all the flooded streets/roads. Quite the excitement all around.

Vacation: Monday in Cleveland, at the Great Lakes Science Center, the Titanic Exhibit. Lunch in the Center, and discovered that the Ohio National Guard Band was giving a concert on the patio. We had a few minutes to kill before our entrance time to the exhibit so we found some spots in the shade and enjoyed the music. A nice Stars and Stripes Forever finale with the brass coming forward right in front of us.

Mysterious, romantic, sad, fascinating--so many eclectic items brought up from the bottom of the deep blue sea. A man's suit (which would not be out of place on a man today!); dishes; jewelry; playing cards; a porthole (which I touched!); a piece of the ship's side; souvenirs from ports of call and hometowns. So many lives, stories, deaths. Haunting.

Then to the Flats for a drink at the Water's Edge (literally, by the river and that is the name of the place!). A walk down to the swinging bridge--and it was interesting to see it work--then on down to Shooter's. Discovered that the live music I had noted coming from the Amphetheater was the B-52s practicing for a concert in the evening! Didn't hear the one song I would recognize though. Very hot this day--must have been 95. Grateful for teh RTA passes we'd bought in the morning which got us around the area without long walks.

Then back to Tower City, were we'd parked, so we could pick up our chairs to claim spots for the Cleveland Orchestra concert in Public Square in the evening. As we wandered through Tower City we came upon a little Dixieland band--three older gentleman--playing on the concourse near the food court. We stopped to listen a moment and enjoyed it very much.

Claimed some spots just behind the reserved section about 7:15 p.m. Concert to start at 9 so I went back inside and got some drinks and a paper, which amused us until showtime.

A wonderful concert--salute to American composers. What a rich sound! Especially like the Star Wars theme (part of a John Williams tribute), the 1812 Overture, and the Stars and Stripes Forever (again!). A beautiful version of God Bless America with the audience, unbidden, standing to sing along. Fireworks to accompany the Overture and the Stars and Stripes, then a longer show after the music.

Tuesday lunch at the Cedar Point entrace at TGIFriday's with the D's.

Wednesday to Put-in-Bay with RH, AH, and Dad. Still hot! But we took the ferry over, rented a golf cart, and tooled around the island all day long. Did the usual--lunch at the Boardwalk restaurant (can't beat those shrimp in the shells), explored the new, big Visitor's Center to the Monument, caught (another!) concert, this from the All Ohio Regional Chorus on the Monument steps. Dad and I took the trip up, while RH and AH amused themselves. Shopped, of course; had ice cream; visited the winery and wine garden; the state park; and ate the BBQ place with the Jimmy Buffet of Put-in-Bay--Westside Steve, I believe! All in all a great day!

Thursday spent very traditionally--a parade in the morning; a picnic in the afternoon; a dip in the swimming pool after (with a little rain to finally cool things off), and fireworks in the evening.

Friday at Cedar Point. Dad passed on this trip! But we had plenty of company--GD, me, RH, AH and two friends, and TD and JK. We rode everything, including Millenium, Magnum XL, and Raptor, and saw two shows. It was only 75 which kept the energy levels at a much more reasonable pace.

Saturday to Marblehead with Dad. Ate lunch at Frontwaters, which view has been ruined by the addition of a hotel resort. The food was good but Dad had to send the microbrew he ordered back--I tasted it and it was terrible! Then on the lighthouse--since it has become a state park, it is packed! Cars and people everywhere. They've opened the caretaker's house and it has some exhibits. Still the lake is beautiful--full of boaters and ski-doers--sailboats, ferries, and barges of various types. Waded a little and enjoyed the islands and CP in the distance. Then to the shops for ice cream and shopping.

Took off for home before noon Sunday--stopped at Big Long Lake to visit with M&J. Floated in the boat for awhile, very nice, and had dinner also. Then to FTW for a visit with A, J and M and didn't get home til 9.

A busy week at work but the weekend has come fast.

The reverse side also has a reverse side. -- Japanese Proverb

Everything you can imagine is real.-- Pablo Picasso

The Threshing by Carl Phillips

A sweetness, say--
and coming, on me. Or, in

light dismissable at
first as that which,
surely-- Did I
dream that?
what by now lies far

behind, and what
ahead still, gets
forged a life that,

whether or not I can
recall having
called it mine own

--or say so
now--will have been
the case, notwithstanding:

as when a smaller
fate, this time, fumbles
clear of one larger, flies

free, how the usual
questions--is this
nature? design?

alter none of the
particulars of escape,

of the being foiled.
If the world is
godless, then

an absence I am
always with, and
it with me. Or

else the world is
stitched with gods and
unavoidably I am

with them,
they with me.
To be reduced to
nothing, literally, but a life
to lose; to surrender
that, also, to those

whispering Yes, yes,
that also-- Isn't this
the idea? To give, even

full well knowing that
they might take it,
they might not, their

gaze--as if by some
city more new
and glittering than

the last one graced
briefly then lifted
out of--their gaze

Point at which
who seeks, with the

swerveless patience that
hunger, for a time,
affords, shall find

his target--stilling,
stopped. No room
for wanting. --Was this

not the idea?
The hands: as if only
made for this--

Should the eyes not
be, already,

then you must shut them.

Copyright © 1997 by Carl Phillips. All rights reserved.

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