Tuesday, June 4, 2002

A busy past few days, filled with a trip to the Chicago area, a wedding, a baseball doubleheader. The trip was dumb--10 hours in a van, round-trip, for four hours at a trade show in St. Charles. Not worth it! The traffic was terrible. The show small. The best thing was the lunch and speaker -- Thomas H. Groome of Boston College. Spoke with much humor.

The wedding was nicer, very sweet and one of the most serious weddings I've ever been to. Obviously the young people took the occasion very solemnly! But did it ever last a LONG time! We went to the church at 1:30 to deliver a camera...the wedding started at 2...the reception about 4...and we didn't leave until about 8:30. And of course, it was the most summer-like day of the year, which we had to spend inside. Oh well!

Sunday was very full, with a family birthday, some catch-up chores, and the aforementioned doubleheader starting at 4. Didn't finish up until 9, but at least it was very pleasant to be out. Then a pizza party and birthday cake with presents after. We certainly got the most out of Sunday!

Have started to read A Beautiful Mind. Read in the van Friday but didn't get much beyond the preface. She gives so much away there that I'm wondering what kind of excruciating detail I'm going to be subjected to in this thick book. Also got About a Boy from the library; I may read that concurrently as a diversion.

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily taks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake -- Victor Hugo.

I have sworn off screensavers but am still addicted to pretty computer wallpaper. Here are two sites whose wallpaper are both pretty and useful (they have calendars): and I change mine about once a week.

Just Classic
Early Warning by Jared Carter

When the weather turned
Crows settled about the house
Cawing daylong among the new leaves.
It would be a hard spring,
Folks said, the crows —
They know. There are folks
up near where I come from
In Mississinewa County
Who study such things.
Folks who believe tornadoes
Are alive; that polluted streams
Rise from their beds
Like lepers, following after
Some great churning, twisted cloud.
With their own eyes
They've seen a cyclone stop,
Lap up electricity
From a substation, then make
A right-angle turn
And peel the roof off some
Prefabricated egg factory.
Thousands of hens, who've never seen
The light of the sun, or
Touched the earth with their beaks,
Go up the funnel like souls to God.

From Work, for the Night is Coming, copyright ©1979, 1995 by Jared Carter. Cleveland State Univ Poetry Center; (October 1995) . Click here to order from

An Indiana poet--is there a prettier word than "Mississinewa"? Or a more haunting description of a tornado?

Work in Progress

I think I am done working on "Twenty-three More Days," at least for now. Time to move on to something new.

Last Time [working title]

The last time I saw you,
You came into the room
And sat across from me,
Looked at me,
And smiled.

A song came on the radio
I liked, and I sung along
A second, and made you laugh.
Your guard was gone--
Just disappeared, and I
Wondered, even that day,
If it was right that one person
Could be so tranparent
To another. As you were to me.
Even without the later conversation.

That was long ago. And
Everything is over now,
As over as it was that day.
But sometimes I think of
That day, and that song,
And your look, and wonder---
Are you a book I could still read?

Copyright © 2002, all rights reserved.

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