Wednesday, May 15, 2002


New Feature! Work in Progress

I got to thinking it might be fun to work on a poem online.... Have it available to pick at at any time of the day or night! Or, I might just abandon a particularly bad effort, and leave it up as a reminder of how easy it is to suck! Anyway, let's try a first draft:

[Working Title] Twenty-three More Days

Not that I'm counting, no--
I just happened to remember that
In twenty-three days, he's gone--
Retired, quit, out the door, good-bye.
It can't come too soon for me,
As perhaps you can tell.
I haven't liked him. He's been
The worst kind of bad boss.
The thirty-odd years he's
Worked here hang heavy on him,
And he's ready to be gone.
I dont' think he's ever liked
His job, not like I could have,
If he hadn't been here. He's
Bored, for one, and full of
Resentment--too many people
Promoted right over his bald head.
But the thing I couldn't deal with
Is his basic dishonesty. Oh, there's
An avuncular how-ya-doin' friend
Mask he wears; but it's not the
Real him--cross him once, and
You'll find out. The true him comes
Slicing through, anger and snide remarks
And buried hurts revealed. That's
Really him. Don't kid yourself.
I've contemplated quitting myself,
Don't think I haven't--but instead
Withdrew, and gave less than
Perhaps I should have. No
Longer--if I can recover. For
In twenty-three days he is
An empty parking spot, a
Cleaned-out filing cabinet, a
Now-quiet corner of the office.
And I can fly.

Copyright © 2002 Cathy A. Dee, all rights reserved, no matter how bad it is.

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